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The main purpose of welding fixtures is to locate, support, and hold the workpiece in position firmly to obtain a precise product from a process.

A welding fixture is designed in a way to support and locate the components to be welded to avoid distortions and weld stresses. It is obvious that each welding operation requires a distinct welding fixture according to our desired requirements. A fixture generally holds the part during welding, but there is a chance of the part being distorted after the removal of the fixture. Hence some stress-relieving and other post-processing operations can be performed to prevent weld distortions. 

In order to position a workpiece with great precision and assist during welding, strong and well-built welding fixtures are necessary. We, at CYCLOTRON Robotics and Automation Pvt Ltd, bring in advanced technologies to manufacture highly reliable fixtures that can accommodate modifications or any fluctuations in the manufacturing conditions besides performing their basic function.

Right from various spot welding fixtures to MIG  to Co2 welding fixtures, we provide tough competition to the other leading manufacturers in this industry. Our fixtures are specifically designed to provide excellent support to the parts in the manufacture of vehicles ranging from simple two-wheelers to complex earthmovers. 

Welding is a complex operation and demands accuracy. Especially in the critical components, there is no room for mistakes. To obtain a precise product from the design, at every stage from manufacturing to assembly, the process has to be done with keen attention and utmost accuracy. Hence, for all the above required, a sturdy fixture had to be made and we took the pride to manufacture one such kind.

Established in 2018 and within a short span of entry into the industry, we have gained the trust and grabbed projects from the most reputed companies across the country and have been serving many esteemed clients to date, delivering outstanding products that perform the job efficiently.

We are a manual/robotic welding fixture manufacturer to assist the welders in clamping the work job, allow quick changeovers to accommodate different types of workpieces, and produce efficient and defect-free products at affordable prices.

Some cracks or weld defects in the part are too concise to get noticed by the operator. The complications resulting from poor handling or misplacement of parts can cause serious trouble once they come into function. To eliminate such human errors, and to minimize potential scrap, we produce Robotic fixtures that are easy to use and automated to produce the highest quality products in minimum time. 

The products we design and the quality they delivered, speak about our standards of manufacturing.

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Designing and developing a welding fixture

We examine your product as well as the other options to position your parts accurately. Before a product is welded, it may be necessary to integrate a specific functionality. Other factors play a part as well, such as the number of products, the ease of use of the ergonomic options, or the expected costs.

When long welds are required or if the maximum casting is required, the fixture should have a cooling function. A similar situation occurs when the material buckles when exposed to heat.

We are involved early on in the product development process when customers are developing ideas. As a result, smart solutions can be developed. In many cases, simplifying, accelerating, and reducing the production process is possible by including welding in the development stage.

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welding fixture G90-ripper assembly
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TML-FUPD ASSY welding fixture
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welding fixture TML-FSB-ASSY RH
TML FSB BKT welding fixture
WHEEL ARCH ASSY welding fixture
SEAT FRAME ASSY welding fixture
Q5 & X4 BOOMRANG ASSY welding fixture
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