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Welding Positioner Manufacturer in Pune, India

We are a manufacturer/supplier/exporter of Welding positioners situated in Pune, India.

Cyclotron provides Floor turntables that are used to rotate pipes, vessels, and industrial work pieces around a vertical axis in a high-precision, low-cost manner. They also offer the advantage of precise positioning in the horizontal or flat position. Our solutions are tailored to your specific applications, and we can accommodate even the most demanding design specifications.

Why use a Welding Positioner?

1.   They improve Safety:

The traditional material handling equipment depend on cranes, chains, trucks, ad forks etc. They are used to pull, move, drag or position the heavy work parts and their fixtures in position for the welding operation. Their actions are uncontrolled and can be extremely dangerous to the operators and the welders if the equipment falls or swing due to any improper functioning of cranes or trucks. Extra costs are incurred due to the damage that occurred to the equipment and workplace. Sometimes human lives are in danger too. In the presence of welding positioners, such hazards are avoided as they eliminate the need for chains, hoists to lift and rotate the weldments. The positioners firmly position the weldment and can raise them or rotate up to a certain height. 

2.   They improve throughput

They reduce the unproductive time while keeping the welders safe and also improving the quality and productivity of the welding. A considerable amount of time is consumed while working with cranes. It requires labour to control the movements of the crane and position it accurately. The positioner helps the operator to quickly orient the crane and positon it accurately saving the labours hours and increasing the arc time of the welder.

3.   They improve weld quality and visibility

The work part is to be oriented in the best possible angle to produce optimal quality welding. The manufacturers suggest that a joint is to be placed in 1F (Flat welding) and 2F (Horizontal welding) positions for better penetration and deposition rate. In 1F position welding, the joint is held at 45 degrees inclination for best deposition rate. In 2F welding, the joint is held at 90 degrees for utmost penetration.  The positioners ensure maximum weld quality as they firmly hold the joint in place at the comfortable reach of the welder with better visibility.

  1. It provides a stable working surface at any desired angle to the operator. Hence the accuracy of welding is greatly improved.
  2. They can be equipped in compact spaces where there is limited room on the production floor.

Once connected to a power source, a welding positioner act as a semi-automatic machine which enhances the welding speed and improves productivity

They find a wider range of applications in industries where welding and fabrication are necessary. Some of them are Rotary Positioning, Rotation of parts for assembling, welding equipment mounting, Rotating workpieces with huge offset loads, welding of shafts, wheels and pipes etc.


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