Rotary Welding Table in Pune

Cyclotron is the Leading Manufacturer & exporter of Rotary Welding table in Pune. We manufacture, supply & export all kinds of Rotary Modular welding tables according to the industrial needs. 
Our major focus is on innovation and development of Modular fixturing solutions.

rotary welding table

Rotary tables for welding

Rotary welding tables have a total 360° rotation of the table surface.
They Come in two variants
1. Manual Rotary Welding table
2. Motorised Rotary Welding table

  • Hole diameter: 16mm
  • Hole center distance: 50mm
  • Top Plate thickness: 16 mm
  • Flatness: 0.3/1000 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 1 to 7 ton
  • Top Plate Material– Steel IS 2062
  • Frame Material– Steel IS 2062
  • Surface coating– Powder coated
  • Top Plate– Standard/ Nitrided

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2D Drawings of Rotary Welding Table


Front View


Side View ( Manual table)


Top View


Side View ( Motorised table)

Features of Modular Rotary Welding tables in Pune

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Rotary Welding table clamps in Pune

Cyclotron is the Leading Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Welding table clamps. Fixture clamps for welding have various applications including height improvement, angle constraints, stopping & pushing a welding part, clamping with the table, and many more


Insert Clamps

Pusher Clamps

D28 Pusher

Toggle Clamps

D28 C Riser

V Blocks

Angular clamps

Square blocks

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About Cyclotron Welding tables

CYCLOTRON is India’s Fastest growing manufacturer of modular welding table.

CYCLOTRON is on the mission of providing the complete range of World’s Finest and Boldest modular welding tables at affordable prices. 

The innovation in design, manufacturing and inspection of the product is the true reason for its optimum cost without compromising the quality of the product.

OUR Team of EXPERTS is working for YOU to improve your fabrication process

Why Choose Cyclotron Rotary Welding tables?

Rotary Welding table top surface in Pune


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