Cyclotron: A Revolution in the world of welding

We established our presence in the market in 2018, specializing in metalworking with a focus on manufacturing professional-grade welding automation products and custom tooling. Our objective is to enhance welding processes by ensuring both efficiency and precision. Through our commitment to innovation and continual improvement, we maintain a prominent position within the welding industry, offering solutions that exceed the expectations of discerning clientele.

A revolution in the world of welding!

Welcome to Cyclotron Automations, where we excel in fast and precise component manufacturing within the dynamic field of welding automation. Here, we meticulously create products that redefine global standards.

We stand at the forefront of welding automation producing top-notch welding equipment. Our products include welding tables, welding positioners, and both manual and robotic welding fixtures. We’ve evolved with dynamic realm of welding and thus understands unique requirements of each business. That’s why we go beyond the ordinary, offering customized welding solutions meticulously tailored to your business requirements.

Whether you the own a small workshop or a large-scale industrial setup, Cyclotron Automation has the potential to propel your company to greater success. Our products are more than just tools, they serve as catalysts for amplifying the performance of your business.

Why did we started Cyclotron?

  • Hello readers, I am Santosh Dumbre, Managing Director of Cyclotron Automations. Today I would like to give you a brief introduction about myself as well as our company. 
  • For 30 years, I have immersed myself in the realm of welding automation. My professional journey has accumulated invaluable experience while working at renowned companies such as Bajaj Auto, Kalyani, Subros, and Onward Technologies. During this time, I have had the privilege of steering BIW fixturing lines, and managing projects that span the continents of the United States and Europe. This extensive background has not only shaped my expertise but has also positioned me at the forefront of welding automation on a global scale 
  • The story of Cyclotron Automation is born out of a pursuit of excellence—a quest ignited by the skepticism from international clients, questioning the quality of Indian welded products. Rather than accepting this as a status quo, I saw it as a call to action. In the landscape of welding and fabrication in India, the sluggish embrace of cutting-edge technologies became glaringly apparent. Drawing from my wealth of experience, I recognized the transformative power of new technologies in elevating weld quality and exponentially increasing productivity.
  • Armed with this vision, Cyclotron Automation emerged as a beacon of change. Our journey is not merely about automation; it’s a mission to redefine standards, challenge the ordinary, and accelerate the pace of technological adoption in the welding automation sector. With every weld, we showcase our unwavering determination, and with each product, we embody our pursuit of excellence.

Our Products

  • At Cyclotron, we specialize in crafting a diverse range of welding products. From precision-engineered welding tables and fixtures to advanced welding positioners and efficient clamping systems, we cater to the unique needs of businesses.
  • We promise to lead in weld advancements with our products as they echo high-quality standards. In welding, there’s no room for half-measures in quality. Cyclotron Automation sets a new benchmark in quality through innovative technologies. Our stringent quality control tests ensure that each product meets the highest standards for quality and reliability.
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From India to the world: A Global aspiration

  • Although we hail from India, our aspirations know no bounds. With cutting-edge welding techniques, we aim to create exceptional products on a global level, characterized by precision, ingenuity, and impeccable quality.

  • Partner with us on this exciting journey of transformation as we push beyond industry standards and strive toward welding excellence. Cyclotron Automation is not just a company; it’s a movement—a movement towards making India the undisputed global leader in welding automation. Together, let’s forge a future where precision, innovation, and quality converge seamlessly.

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